Friday, April 4, 2008

The Olympic 2008 Torch-Burns Bright

The Beijing Olympic 2008 Torch has strong Chinese characteristics and displays Chinese designs. This torch is symbolic of the concepts of Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and the People’s Olympics.

It can stay aflame for a long duration. It has been designed in such a way that it can withstand severe weather conditions like strong winds, rain, snow. The flame can be photographed in sunshine and areas of extreme brightness.

The fuel used in torch is propane which is a common fuel and also does not cost much. The fuel is environment friendly and the material of its form is recyclable.

The Olympics 2008 torch is made of aluminium, has a height of 72centimeters and weighs 985 grams. It is curved in form and during its production was even etched and anodized.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic torch has been, researched, designed and produced in China and has been done very beautifully. The shape, color and design express the idea of harmony and togetherness.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Media and Olympics-Holding Hands

2008 Beijing Olympics is the most talked about event of the season. The 2008 Olympics owe this popularity to the media coverage it’s getting. Media has always been an integral part of the Olympics. Media has helped Olympics reach each and every household.

There are short promotional films made for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Five directors from various parts of the globe got together to participate in a project called “Vision Beijing”. They all made a short film each about Beijing and its people preparing for the Summer Olympics 2008.

These short films talk about the participating nations, the events to be held and the Beijing makeover. The construction of the beautiful stadium and other places all get a place in these films. Each and every person in China knows all about the happening of the Olympics 2008.

Media was given official approval to cover the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay which in turn helped in the publicity of the relay. Media has got the permission to cover the torch relay of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in other countries too.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Slogan

The theme slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympics is “One World One Dream”. The slogan expresses the soul and the values of the Olympic spirit which are- Unity, Harmony, Friendship and Progress.

China believes that though there is a difference in color, race and language but everyone has the same world as their home and shares the same dreams.

Since the ancient times the philosophies and ideals of the Chinese is, “Harmony of Man with Nature” and “Peace Enjoys Priority”. They have been in pursuit of harmony between man and nature and harmony among people.

The slogan of the Beijing Games, “One World, One Dream” is very reflective in meaning. It conveys the ideals of the people in China to believe in the world as one unit and to create a future together with everyone across the globe.

The slogan gives a voice to the aspirations of 1.3 billion Chinese people to be a part of establishing a peaceful and bright world. The slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympics is simple, meaningful, inspiring, and easy to remember.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Water Cube- Swimming pool for the Olympics

After the Bird’s Nest Beijing has added another feather to its cap by building a Water Cube. The water Cube is an aquatic center where all the water related events like swimming, diving and synchronized swimming will take place. It is built right next to the Beijing National Stadium in the Olympic Green.

The Water Cube also known as the Beijing National Aquatics Center built by CSCES (China State Construction Engineering Corporation) has a very unique design and technology.

It has a membrane exterior made from ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluorethylene- a kind of plastic designed to have high corrosion resistance and can handle wide range in temperature) cushions which allow the light to enter the arena. The solar energy on the building helps create green house effect which in turn keeps the building and the pool warm and reduces energy costs by 30%.

The most interesting fact is that water used in the pool will not be wasted by running it into wastewater network as most of it will be recycled. The water will run through the filtration system before being put in the pool again. This has its environmental benefits.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Olympics Ceremonies- The Opening

134 days left for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to take off. On 8th August 2008 in Beijing in the National Stadium the Olympics will commence with the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony consists of traditional elements and artistic display of dance and theatre which represent the host nation.
The first event to take place is the hoisting of the host nation’s flag and presentation of its national anthem. After that the participating nations walk into the stadium for the “parade of the nations” with their participating athletes. One top contestant from every country carries the flag of the country and leads it.

Usually, Greece marches in first as it was here that Olympics originated, and the nation playing host that is Beijing would march in last. All the other nations would march between the two nations that is Greece and Beijing.

The President of the host nation then makes a speech and declares the Olympic Games open. The 2008 Beijing Olympics flag is brought into the stadium horizontally and is hoisted as the national anthem is played.

The Olympic torch lit in Olympia is then brought into the stadium by an athlete of the host nation. The athlete then carries the torch to the stadium cauldron and lights the fire there after which doves are released in the sky.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bird’s Nest-Beijing’s National Stadium

The Bird’s Nest is the name of the Beijing National Stadium. It has been given this name due to its shape which looks like a birds nest. Located at the Olympic Green in Beijing it is believed to be the world’s largest enclosed space.

After winning a design competition held in Beijing in 2002 the Swiss architectural firm of Herzog & Meuron in alliance with Chinese artists and designers gave a form to this stadium. The stadium is built with huge steel beams which support each other and are interwoven together.

It looks like a birds nest with interwoven twigs, so the name. The stadium is not covered from the top to allow fresh air and the sight of the blue sky. Restaurants, shops, suites, restrooms-you name it and it is all there in the stadium.

The ‘Bird’s Nest’ can hold 100,000 spectators during the 2008 Beijing Olympics . But the capacity will be reduced to 80,000 after the games. It is 330 metes long and 220 meters wide with a height of 69.2 meters.

The stadium will play host to the opening and closing ceremonies and to the athletics and football events. This stadium is a historic landmark on the map of Beijing.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olympic torch on its way- Beijing Waits

The Olympic torch was lit on 24th March 2008 in front of the Temple of Hera, on the grounds of Olympia, where the Ancient Olympic games took place. The flame was lit in the traditional way which is by using the sun’s ray and a parabolic mirror. It was lit by a Holy Priestess.

The priestess handed over the torch to the first runner of the Beijing Torch Relay at the Ancient Olympic Stadium. The torch bearer ran past the tomb of Pierre de Coubertin. It is in this tomb where his heart is buried. The torch will stop in twenty-one countries and pass five continents.

It will reach Beijing, China where it is being waited with a lot of enthusiasm. It will enter the Opening Ceremony where the Olympic Cauldron will be lit in the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. This event will take place on 8 August, 2008.

Jacques Rogge, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said during the ceremony, “The torch is the link between all athletes and citizens of this world; between all of us who believe in Olympism and the virtue of sport. It has the force to unite humanity and to stand for harmony."

It is rightly said. The 2008 beijing olympics event has the might to spread harmony, oneness and sportsmanship around the globe.